Japanese Garden Services

Japanese Garden & Landscape Services :

From concept to design and full implementation of garden and landscape construction. Our company offers an unlimited list of capabilities in our design because of our vast Japanese craftsman networking services. Within our alliance are companies of all sizes for services. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a beautiful concept of Zen Japanese style landscape design and Japanese style garden service, koi pond design, restoration, renovation, construction, installation and maintenance services. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.

Tsukubai - water basin

Japanese Garden Construction :

Any construction of a garden or landscape is a disruption of environment and your peaceful everyday life. We take extra care to safely and professionally ensure that our works is done on schedule to meet all requirements of State and City code. Team work by all concern is essential to complete our installation works in a safe manner to bring the new Japanese Garden Construction Design to life.

Services List

  • Full Japanese landscape designing and garden design service
  • Japanese Koi pond water garden construction, installation & ponds design and construction service
  • Japanese Rock Gardens, bamboo fencing and dry creek
  • Japanese Waterfalls with water system
  • Full Landscape & Garden Construction company services
  • Installing sprinkler systems
  • Adding new sod
  • General garden or landscape clean up
  • Professional Japanese Bonsai style tree pruning
  • Full Japanese landscape and garden maintenance service
  • Professional Japanese garden restoration and renovation
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Over a hundred year old pine tree has say in design....

A tree that has survived over a hundred years is a testament of how good the environment is and also that it has been able to give the tree a long lasting life. In the 21st century, we are constantly reminded of our environment to be as nurturing for us humans to be able to live a long healthy life as the tree, so it is important to be as environmentally conscious in our work not to damage the environment but to assist and learn how to design our gardens to fit in natural order of life itself.

Any dramatic change in pruning a tree of this magnitude takes extra careful steps not to overly stylize but to give a lift to bring out it's natural beauty but also adding my Japanese sense of bonsai to the foray. Unlike a tree on a tray with occasional trimming to give a sense of style, a large tree commands it's presence and with any bad exercise of effort, any design flaw will be more pronounced.

Our pruning service is the care of shrubs, botanical design with ornamental landscape trees to have a everlasting health and look of the garden. We incorporate several design techniques of,: "Tamazukuri and Matsuzukuri." From Japanese black pine, red pine, white pine to Japanese maple tree, we can assist you to have the garden that looks great.


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  • Japanese restaurant design

    Garden inside Momiji Japanese restaurant on Capital Hill, Seattle.

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