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July 04, 2013
Japanese rock garden

This page is our Japanese - Asian gardening & landscaping design community service page with links to other Japanese - Asian landscape design or garden maintenance and landscaping related websites, or a list of educational institutions, corporations, and businesses you might want to research with. We will be adding many great artists and craftsman that serve the greater Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland areas and also from Japan.

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News: Article on Zen Landscape on Major Publications:
Robb Report: Click here for the article on our services is in the 30th anniversary edition of The Robb Report. Here is a sample in PDF! or CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE.

National Japanese Garden Database
From Japanese landscape and traditional or contemporary Japanese style architecture design articles, books, organization and archives. Great site for information on Japanese garden designs..

Traditional Japanese architecture design
One of our award winning Japanese woodworking craftsman that delivers true Japanese wood works design from shoji, tatami, and tokonoma designed tea house.

Japanese Landscape artist: Kaii Higashiyama
One of my favorite landscape artist that has displayed his work in the Japanese Imperial households Fusuma and tokonoma. Click here for the pic #1 & #2.

Japanese Castles
Many of the Japanese castles are presented in Quicktime VR format. Great site to see most all of the Japanese castles and its surrounding landscape and garden design. See the UNESCO World Heritage treasure, the Himeji castle. Also: UNESCO adds Shiretoko to the World Natural Heritage list.

Japanese temples, shrines and castles.
Great site to see many historical Japanese architecture and landscape design.

Tokyo National Museum
Understanding history is the best way to understand Zen. Many events are planned in this museum that you may want to visit one day.

Edo-Tokyo Museum
One of the favorite museum in Japan. Focusing on the Edo period of Japanese culture, it is one one of the most visited museum in Tokyo. Not to be missed in your visit to Tokyo

Enbu Today - Japanese Bushido
"Enbu" refers to "to do budo training. Excellent website for those that are serious in Bushido
Japanese Magazine of Arts and Culture
Over 50 Years of publication of portraying the arts and culture of Japan. Great magazine if you are thinking of traveling to see Japan you may want to read about some sights in this articles from a Japanese newspaper.
Back issue about Zen, type the year in the search field. click here!

Discovering Japan: Magazine with many articles pertaining to many subjects on Japanese society. Take a look at some back issues also from here.

Information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan on visiting Japan.

Books on Japan? Interesting selection from Kodansha.

Japanese Garden theme Hotel in San Francisco
Very rare hotel that incorporates the Zen Japanese Design with gardens and Koi ponds that decorates the rooms and surrounding areas of the hotel. Enjoys the comforts of the East in the West.

When Staying in Japan.
Travelers to Japan are often told that the experience will not be complete without staying at least one night in a traditional inn or ryokan. Making plans to visit Japan?
Want to stay in a ryokan? You may want to check this service.

Japan in financial focus today. Japanese financial newspaper.

Japan Public Television in the U.S.
Broadcast by cable through out the United States, TV Japan is a broad information television about Japan and around the world in Japanese. They also have a web site in Japan that you can check out with over 12 languages. click Here!
Apps for your smart Phones in English? iPhone & Android

Premier web cast of videos from Peter Barakan on Japan, Japan International Broadcasting offers several video cast that are informative. Here! Highly recommended but only for windows XP or Vista with Silverlight plug in.

Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle - Events
New": Seattle Japan Consulate Events - :-)

Kyoto Garden reveals her secrets.
Mark Hovane- Kyoto based garden tour organizer knows a little or two about Japanese garden. Good read and explore the secrets and hopefully you can visit to appreciate the beauty of Japanese garden.

Tea House for Two

The home of Bonnie and Jim Bell was once your typical Berkeley Arts and Crafts abode. But over the past eight years, the couple has introduced a Japanese sensibility to the architecture and landscaping of the house - transforming it into a beautiful standout in their Chabot Canyon neighborhood.
Read more:

Lighting Designer - Yuri Kinoshita
One of the renown lighting designer based in Seattle show case her designs in several museums and restaurants through out the city. Her design called,"Woven Light" is dynamic yet soft and has received rave reviews from all over the world. Her lightings are all custom made lighting that delight the sights in many homes and businesses. Lighting show in Bellevue Arts Museum.

Jazz Pianist: OSABE SHOTA
Legendary bassist Ray Brown and Harold Jones combines the trio to produce great Jazz standard.

Jazz Trumpet: SHUNZO OHNO
Favorite musician that played with Art Blakey and winning a Grammy for his efforts.

Urbanata - Sustainable Home Solutions

From sustainable appliances, floorings, windows and doors, bamboo materials to wood panels that provides materials of the highest green Eco friendly products: Kitchen cabinets, hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring - fencing - panels and kitchen & bath appliances - fixtures.

Akg Designs Located at 13320 SE 44th PL, Bellevue, WA. Phone: 206-601-3352. .


Video Presentation of Japanese Gardens from Japan to Pacific Northwest.
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