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Zen Japanese - Asian Zen Garden Landscape Design : offers unique natural Japanese - Asian style Zen garden landscaping build and authentic Japanese style Zen garden design, a professional service company that design, builds, install, restore and repair that enhances the environment we share in the greater Western Washington State area (The Great Pacific Northwest).
SEATTLE, BELLEVUE, KIRKLAND, RENTON and REDMOND (WA) Washington State area is covered as our main locale of garden landscape design, construction, installation , restoration, repair, and builders company service.
A complete Japanese landscape design to Japanese Zen garden maintenance, builder, construction and design services firm.

Over 20 years of experience, Zen Japanese Landscape & Garden Design Company offers a progressive style and look in Japanese style garden landscaping design and architecture either in traditional style or a mix with custom contemporary / Modern Zen Garden Design.

Zen's garden landscape design is the ultimate achievement in simplicity, dignity, tranquility and grace in its design.

Our natural landscaping & gardening service contrives to display the balance of nature using many elements to create a setting of absolute peace and tranquility, making a clear and unique statement! All of our garden landscape designs are constructed, installed, restored and built environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) sustainable gardening techniques.

See for yourself of what we have accomplished these few years in providing Japanese influenced design. More info on Japanese Garden


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Our Garden Landscape Design Concept:

Japanese Zen Landscape & Garden Design Concept:

Business or for your home, Zen landscape design enhances the beauty of your surroundings with emphasis of interpretation, style and idealized conception of Japanese design with authentic elements used in Japanese landscape architecture, either in traditional or more contemporary / modern garden style.
Small spaces or large, with our expert design team, we can give permanence to your landscape, "a modern Zen Japanese garden design that you'll find gratifying for many years."

Our unique ability to combine many elements to our design, gives our clients, one of a kind garden landscapes .

For every season there is a turn , our designed garden landscaping gives a distinct flavor as the season arrives that you will find comfort for every reason.

Take a look at some of our clients landscape and you may find some ideas for your home or business.

Modern Zen Japanese garden in a restaurant in Capital Hill Seattle Washington called,

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Full Zen Garden Landscape Service:

Zen Gardening and Landscaping

From small projects to large, our services encompasses wide range of abilities to provide you with a clean environmentally safe and clean Japanese Zen garden landscaping. From designing, construction, installation, restoration, pruning trees , Japanese botanical design to just taking care of your new garden maintenance, we consult every project with utmost care. From traditional Japanese Zen garden design to more modern contemporary garden design, call us and find new possibilities in custom gardening & landscaping design.

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Zen Garden Landscape Design Possibilities

A Every landscape small or large has a unique characteristics that we must contend to when designing. So, every garden has it's unique character when we design a garden for a small corridor or designing for a large landscape. Choose from our traditional garden design to more modern contemporary Japanese design, we assist you through the process every step of the way, incorporating your design concept.

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Clean, Beautiful and Natural Garden

B Implementation of a garden environment should be beautiful in its aesthetics as well as fitting to the environment. We at Zen Japanese Garden Landscape strive to bring a more environmentally clean garden design that is simple and yet beautiful, utilizing the natural elements in our design.

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Professional Garden Services

C We at Zen, provide many services when it comes to Japanese Gardens, from gardening services to pruning a tree to match the Japanese design. We take extra careful steps in reaching your goals for your home or business and continuously advise to maintain your garden into the future.

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